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New Patient Intake Information

Adult Patients:


  • Two hour initial intake session - this can be scheduled in two separate sessions or combined into one double session.

  • During the intake process we will not be in a Doctor-Patient relationship , I will act as a consultant until we make a formal agreement to work together.


Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults living with their parents:


  • The initial intake process usually occurs over four 50-minute sessions.

  1. Session One: Both parents/guardians meet with me together (unless child is over 13, then hours one and two can be swapped)

  2. Session Two:  Child/teen/young adult alone        

  3. Session Three: Child/teen/young adult alone (on a separate day from hour 2)

  4. Session Four: Wrap-Up session, with parents, with or without child, depending on age/maturity/sensitivity of child

  • During the initial intake, I will get to know you and your family, and you will have an opportunity to get to know me.  By the end of the intake we will determine if working together is a good fit.  Our relationship is important for therapeutic success.

  • The intake process allows me to do a thorough evaluation including contacting relevant individuals involved in your care (psychiatrists, teachers, pediatricians, or anyone else you think would provide useful information).

  • During the intake process I will act as a consultant to your family, and will not be in a Doctor-Patient relationships. If at the end of your intake process, we (you, your family, and myself) feel it is a good fit, and you would like to continue working with me, then your child/adolescent will become an "established patient" and we will begin treatment together in a Doctor-Patient relationships. 

Upon scheduling your intake, you will receive log-in information for the new patient portal. New patient intake forms will be sent to you securely through the portal.

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