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Dr. Taylor Chesney In The Media


  • Dr. Chesney appears as the featured guest on Dr. David Burns' popular podcast, Feeling Good Podcast to discuss the secrets of how she adapts TEAM-CBT methods for working with children and adolescents. See David's blog post and notes about the episode as well as listen to the episode on the Feeling Good Blog, or just listen to the episode in the player below.

  • Dr. Chesney and Dr. Jill Levitt, Director of Training at the Feeling Good Institute, talk in a video about their experiences at previous 4-day intensive TEAM-CBT trainings and promote the upcoming 4-day intensive with Dr. David Burns on David Burns' Feeling Good Blog

  • Dr. Chesney talks about sharing therapeutic goals with your therapist versus ending the therapeutic relationship in the January 2017 issue of Marie Claire

107: Interview of Dr. Taylor Chesney — Secrets of TEAM-CBT with Kids - Feeling Good Podcast with Dr. David Burns
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